Judas in 24/7 DickSucker (or 2 Pop Slop) – TheDickSuckers

Duration : 6 min
Categories : Amateur
Description : This is one you're gonna love...if you're into the Amateurs and Goth Girls and ass eaters. Judas is a goth girl. Judas is an amateur. And Judas is an ass eater. Just look at her. If her looks don't give it away, her look will. She's also a "24/7 cocksucker". Get this: Mr. POV gets a call from a friend who "knows a girl who loves watching porn and she wants to make one...as in, like now!" Literally 5 minutes later she's over! No lights. Just a camera and ACTION! And isn't it obvious Judas has put many hours into sucking dick!?! The Filthy Fucking Whore will lick the booty hole, too. And use her mouth as she would her cunt to make Mr. POV explode. Which he does. Twice. Like I said...man, does Judas have a head game! From lighting to performer, it might be "amateur", but it sure is hot!! Enjoy my brother!
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