Vibe 2 – Cristal Caitlin – TheLifeErotic

Duration : 3 min
Categories : Masturbation
Description : Gorgeous Czech babe Cristal Caitlin, a blue-eyed blonde, is sitting at a desk, surfing the internet on her computer. Feeling horny, she downloads an app named My Vibe that turns her smartphone into a vibrator. She tests it on her long, tan legs, stroking it up from her ankles to her thighs, then presses it against her crotch through her plain white panties, her body jerking as the strong vibrations buzz her clit. Moaning and biting her lip, she grinds the phone against her trimmed pussy, then slips it inside of her panties. She squirms and humps her hips as she strips down to her underwear, revealing firm, beautiful breasts. Sitting on her desk, she splays her legs and pulls her panty-crotch aside, so she can work the phone freely against her pussy. First, she rubs her fleshy lips against it, then she presses it directly against her prominent clit, which visibly twitches with pleasure. Craving her orgasm, she hurries over to the couch, removes her panties, opens her legs wide then continues to tease her pulsing clit and juiced-up pink with her phone. Next, she slips a finger inside of her snatch, probing it deep as she relishes the vibrations. Her breaths soon become gasps of extreme pleasure, then sobs. Finally, she sets the phone aside and pumps herself with one finger, down to the knuckle, as she uses the tip of another to stroke and circle her swollen clit. She cums hard, her pussy and tight asshole going into spasm as she relishes every spark of pleasure. Watch to the end for a lingering look at her stunning naked body.
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